The Ultimate Long Vowel Learning Kit

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  • Have a concrete plan for how to teach letter skills and long vowel sounds - with activities included.
  • Be guided by a certified, experienced teacher who will hold your hand and explain exactly how to teach your child every single letter skill.
  • Hear the exact sounds that each letter makes so you never feel confused again.
  • Feel completely confident that you are setting your child up for success.
  • Actually enjoy learning at home with your child.

The Ultimate Long Vowel Learning Kit includes intentional, targeted, skill-building activities designed by a teacher to help your child learn to long vowel sounds.

You'll get: 

  • the full digital collection of all 10 Skill-Building Long Vowel Packets (2 for each vowel: one to teach each long vowel sound and one to review long and short sounds together)
  • A detailed Starter Guide to walk you through the best, researched-backed way to teach your child long vowel sounds
  • Everything your child needs to master long vowel sounds
  • No Prep Required - Just print and go!