Ultimate Numbers Learning Kit

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Everything your child needs to learn:

  • identify numbers 1-20
  • write each number
  • match each number to the correct amount

That last one is the most important. Your child needs to know that the number 5 actually means 5 things, and it's not just the number that comes after 4. 

Each number packet includes 20 pages of intentional, targeted, skill-building activities designed by a teacher.

  • You get in-depth (but easy to understand) guidance on HOW to teach your child number sense
  • 24 Skill-Building Activity Packets (one to teach each number 1-20, plus zero and 3 review packets)
  • Detailed 18 Page Starter Guide to walk you through the best, researched-backed way to teach numbers
  • Everything your child needs for counting to 20, identifying numbers, and writing numbers